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14 February 2010

Cold as ice

Here are some photos I've taken over the last 6 weeks where much snowfall and freezing temperatures brought some plus-sides in the form of beautiful and sometimes just unusual winter scenes.










You can see some more of these on my flickr page here.

4 January 2010

Martha Rose

I took some photos for some very nice friends who play in a band together. They lived in Berlin for a while but are currently back in England.

You can see the photos here...

And listen to their songs here...

29 December 2009

27 December 2009

All these things I've done

As well as taking photographs I like to make things... when I can combine the two I'm even more happy. Sometimes it can result in tasteful and well-appreciated products. Sometimes it can transcend into a bit of a laugh...

Chocolate Road Sign Tree

Slide Lamp ≠2

Advent Calendar 2008

Advent Calendar 2007

Advent Calendar 2009

Late Autumn

Taken in late October 2009 at dusk





Winter in Berlin


These are some photos I took in early 2009 when heavy snowfall had frozen over and there were some spectacular clear and crisp days...




11 December 2009


A photograph I took of the Berliner Dom got used for this free Berlin guide site.

6 November 2009

Anton Unai Fighting Gravity at the CircleCultureGallery

Sean Williams, a good friend of mine worked with the artist on this project. He helped to construct the wooden winged sculpture that hangs from the end wall of the gallery in the 2nd photograph.

I took these photographs at the private view of the exhibition which was followed by the artists performance in Mitte.



Some words...

  This is the first written post on this blog…

The ‘site’ http://nhsimpson.wordpress.com/ is designed to cover my artistic photographic practice… that includes analogue and digital projects that have been completed or are in production and the annotation/analysis of them. It also contains a photo-biography of sorts which tries to give an insight into my photographic past and what I have “achieved” between starting out in photography and the present (when the blog came into existence).

This blog Buy Some Film is intended to exhibit digital images I have taken since living in Berlin. Therefore less time is invested in commentary or analysis of these photographs, however, in the hope of building up a dialogue between the two sites there will some notes and links posted here that serve to join up and detail the different aspects of my profession. The Blog Title serves to remind me, and anyone else who uses digital photography – who looks back at the analogue media thinking something has been lost – to buy some film and try to work out what that lost thing is.

Everything that has been posted so far is basically a ‘best of’ from my Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/nick_simpson/ which is currently under revision because my account (paid for annually) needs upgrading for the next year and I’m trying to find out if I can cope with a regular account. There were over 900 images on there but now it's limited to 200.